Do you lose online poker? It is possible that someone is viewing your cards

Your computer may be infected with a Trojan horse that ESET detects as Win32 / Spy. Odlanor, e.g., when downloading some applications from sources other than the official websites of the software. Malicious software is hidden in the installers of programs such as Daemon Tools (a program for creating virtual CD / DVD drives) or ╬╝Torrent (an application that allows you to download files shared by users from around the world). The Trojan horse can also get on your computer with the installation of some poker player programs, such as databases or poker Gaple Online calculators (they allow you to estimate the probability of winning a given a hand), e.g., Tournament Shark, Poker Calculator Pro Smart Buddy, Poker Office, and others.

Online security in the ending and coming years for poker sites

Ensuring online security was an important issue that poker operators and administrators in the business sector faced throughout 2016. Fighting bots, laundering money, Daftar Poker Online extorting ransom are just a few problems that those responsible for security struggled with. You can also blame dishonest employees who exploit vulnerabilities in the system and cheat other players every day. The last “whipping boys” are hackers who are happy that online poker in many countries is in the gray area, which makes poker sites easy targets

You can expect, you can multiply conspiracy theories more or less likely. You will all agree that operators should do much more to ensure the safety of their players. As a consequence of this situation, Poker Stars introduced a verification procedure to detect bots. The operator selects suspicious accounts and asks selected players to perform several activities, including a plan to register our game on video and send a movie to security professionals. If the player does not comply with the operator’s requests, his account is blocked, and the funds were frozen. The main threats from hackers for the coming year are related to e-blackmail:

After infecting our computer, hackers will demand a bitcoin transfer from us, and if we do not pay, we may never recover our files again. Hackers will threaten to disclose confidential information about us if we do not agree to pay tribute.

The police do everything possible to catch cybercriminals and bring them to justice. The main problem, however, is that in place of each liquidated cheater, ten new ones appear.

Improving online security should be a priority for poker sites in the coming year. Administrators should strive to be one step ahead of cheaters, and not just be “hounds” trying to hunt down dishonest players.

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