First Time Players’ Guide on Online Domino

First Time Players’ Guide on Online Domino

Are you a first time Domino QQ online?

It’s for sure that you have already played domino twice or thrice at home with friends, but playing Agen dominoQQ online is quite a lot different. That’s why if you are planning to play online domino it is best that you know the basics of online gameplay first.

You have to first consider the website which will be the provider of your domino game. Remember that there are a lot of online sites you can find online, but only a very few are. The best thing you can do is to ask fellow players for site recommendations to find a reputable game provider.

However, that’s just one part of the whole process. It does not just end there. In today’s blog, this will be a guide for first-time players on playing online domino. Let’s check this out.

Types of Online Domino 

Online Agen dominoQQ offers 3 types of domino, these are:

  1. Block domino. This is a game where you play to block your opponents. These have a pre-determined number of rounds and tiles per player, at least 7 up to 9. While there are also some variations that may add points. The winner will then be determined by the number of rounds won.
  2. Draw domino. It is also played the same as block, just that the difference is that players are allowed to draw additional tiles. The winner is also determined according to its highest number of points.
  3. Pai Gow Domino or Pai Gow Tiles. This is a popular casino domino game with similar rules to Pai Gow Poker.

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Tips for Starters

For starters, it is common that you are indeed in the phase of trying to cope up with those sudden gameplay changes. Basically, you are internet-shocked.

Here are some helpful that should be of help as you get to know the game of Agen dominoQQ online.

1 Do your research. Prior to playing the game, it is best that you get ahead of the basics first. Read the basics, learn the matrix of the game and make sure you know the rules of the play since it would be far different from a land-based casino.

2 Play free dominoQQ games. Online casinos offer free games to try for the first time which is a good advantage for you to learn more and master the game. Apart from that free games also lets you win free cash which will be a good start to supply for your real game.

3 Check out cash bonuses. Online casino is a good monetization for people who are not just after for the fun but also for a good source of income. A lot of Agen DominoQQ online offer bonuses like sign up bonuses, or triple win for the day bonuses, or even for new player bonuses.

4 make sure you have fun. Whether you are playing in the office or at home, it is better that you enjoy the game. You can either play by yourself or you can ask other friends to come to play with you online.