A Newbie’s Guide to Maximising Poker Bonus Winnings

A Newbie’s Guide to Maximising Poker Bonus Winnings

Now that you learned domino ceme cara main, it is time to learn how to maximise your poker bonus winnings. Regardless of the poker variant and your skill level, it is crucial that you practice good bankroll management at the same time take advantage of free money offered to you in the form of poker bonuses.

Here are some tips on how to maximise your poker bonus winnings:

Check the bonus percentage as well as the maximum amount
The first thing that you need to do is to check the bonus percentage as well as the maximum amount of the bonuses. Most casinos offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit while others offer as much as 150% to 200%. In the same way, the maximum amount also varies.

If you take the two factors into consideration, you can decide the optimum first deposit amount. Remember that you can only make one first deposit so it is crucial that you do it right.

Review the wagering of bonus money
Reviewing the wagering of bonus money is a critical step but it is mostly ignored by a lot of players. All casinos have set rules with regards to the bonus money and how many times it should be wagered before it becomes real money – that can be paid out.

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In general, the wagering requirement is between 30x and 40x the bonus amount. There are some casinos that set as high as 100x the bonus amount. This makes it nearly impossible to cash out the bonus money. Your goal here is to choose a site that offers a lower wagering requirement. You should review the Terms and Conditions so you will know the wagering requirement.

Refrain from being an ‘Advantage player”
Casinos love new players but they hate bonus abusers or “advantage players”. Keep in mind that the casinos are already giving you a good start. They also want a fair chance of taking their money back. This is the reason why casinos laid out extra controls to rule out the bonus abusers.

If the casino suspects you as an “advantage player” and you have exceeded the maximum stake, they can void all the winnings. With this, it is best not to overdo it. Play your regular game pattern and do not think about outsmarting the casino.

Play low to medium slots
In poker sites, it is normal to see other game variants. If you are a fan of slots, your aim is to make the wagering requirements with the biggest cash out chances. For this, you should always choose low or medium slots. You may not win a lot but you can get a bonus before your balance is maxed out.

Determine how far you’ve progressed
If you made a good profit and you want to cash out, you should determine how far you have progressed in terms of your wagering.

Wrapping it up
Maximising your bonuses will give you chances to keep your bankroll alive – you will surely see the dramatic growth of your bankroll. When you are dealing with bonuses, your attitude will matter. This means that you should not underestimate the value of the bonuses no matter how small because it can still help build your bankroll.