OnlinePoker: Skill Based or a Game of Luck

OnlinePoker: Skill Based or a Game of Luck

Poker leaves a question in everyone’s mind – is it a gamble or it is just skill based like any other games. Let’s read out the below information to get an idea about the same.

These days online gambling casino sites or Judi Online Trepacaya is on a high tend. We should have a transparent idea about the nature of the game before we involve ourselves in the game. Luck or skill what is the actual determiner to make us the king of these games , let’s check out the fact.

In the words of the winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker,” The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play” and really it is. In 2013, online poker sites made around 2.8billion Euro in as gross global winning. And this proves the popularity of online poker. Definitely, luck plays a role, but “luck” Is never the remote which controls Poker. A blend of experience and skill plays 95% role to win a poker game, especially if it is being played online.

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A study has been conducted by Rogier Potter van Loon and team Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Martin Van den Assem at VU University, Amsterdam to find out luck or skill which dominates the game of poker. They took the database of 456m player and their performance for a whole year of online games. After investigating the consistency of the winner, they got the evidence of the fact that skill plays the master role in this game. For e.g. the player who comes under the 10% who perms best, are also similar in their performance for the next half of the year also. There is enough to understand your skill matters more than your luck to become a Poker champion. In a one-liner, if performance is predictable, then how the game can be a “game of luck”, as we all know fortune is definitely unpredictable.

The above-mentioned data is helpful enough to understand that Poker is no more a game of chance. You need to understand the game to get a victorious ending. You can start playing poker online today. You can take a guarantee of the fact that it’s not a gamble, just a game which can give you a satisfactory reward.