Bet and Win the Best

Bet and Win the Best

Betting games are most sought after in many countries. In the wake of several competitions, many other entrants are trying new methods and operations to stand ahead in the market and continue to achieve the mission. BOSQQ is an Indonesian based game company website that has introduced various online betting games with new features that are unique and standalone. It includes, BandarQQ, DominoQQ, Poker, AduQ, and also has trusted Capsa Susun. They give 24/7 customer support service that supports the players to give out their queries. With an assurance of a fully protected member’s account, BOSQQ has been the leader for many years now. Their main aim is the satisfaction of the players and to be loyal to them. This game has become very famous that, it is declared as the best betting game in Indonesia.

What is the process?

To play BandarQQ, there is a guideline provided on the website which enables the players to understand easily. It is a traveling city game. Each player must have an ample sum of betting money which will be used for playing as a city.


The main points that are to be followed are as follows;

1. To become a dealer, the minimum bet amount should be RP 50000.

2. The number of players varies from 2 to a maximum of 8, in which 1 person will be a dealer.

3. 2 dominoes are used, which has 28 cards having distinct values.

4. The players are first given with two cards, after which they are given the chance to see the card that is provided to them.

5. In the table, they will then show their cards to the other players after completing the stroking.

6. The card with the highest value is considered to be the winner.

How the value is calculated?

Each card has a round-shaped drawing in it, which sums up to a total of 2 cards. Now, when the sum or circles in the two cards is more than 9, it is then downsized by 10 and if it is greater than 19, then the value is lessened to 20. 0 is the smallest and 9 is the largest card value.The dealer will have to pay the betting amount of the player if the total of the player card is greater, at the same time, when the overall bookie card is greater, the player has to pay the amount that has been bet by them.