Online poker hints: Tips to be aware of

Online poker hints: Tips to be aware of

Are you planning to play poker online? Well, I had a part of the game. I would like to move on to some steps and tips for online poker. First of all, if you are new to online poker, first download the poker program, I will list some recommended Bandarqq sites at the end of this article.


Let’s start with some tips and tricks that I chose when you play online, there are some problems you will find, these problems are people, I mean you can’t read faces, emotions or body language there, all you can read is the betting style, how much time do you need to raise or place a bet. Let’s talk about how to read people online, slow, high, low or fast bets can determine how these people play, for example, if someone calls you quickly after you go up, they most likely have a good, slow hand can determine weakness; High stakes can tell you that he has a good hand, is bluffing or trying to get you out of the game before you make your hand better than yours, and also watch the players at the poker table and their bets, if you have 3 people Betting high, call, repeat bets before flo pa, most likely everyone has K’s J’s Q’s A’s, if so they will not get a hand there, why because everyone has each other’s cards making your gold if you have 5.8 or 10, 9 Ect.


Here is another trick that can be useful: ALWAYS play your big hands slowly, keep in mind that your opponent can do the same thing he does in a slow game, that is, act weakly in his hand, and you know you have a winning hand. wait until they make a high bet, make them think of your weakness, or they will try to trick you, or they will think you have the best hand, sit for 6-9 seconds before calling, or better yet, collect them, ask them to think twice, See how this happens, I will be surprised what people do when they invest a lot of money in a bank.

Another trick is to bet strangely, for example, if someone bets $ 20, increases it by $ 11, most people bet even or fifth, it works for people to call you, just to see what you have and why yours Making rare bets is confusing for people.