The rules of Baccarat games you need to know

The rules of Baccarat games you need to know

Baccarat one of the most famous casino games. In this article, we are going to talk about the rules of this game. Visit www ufabet for online games.

 The cards

baccarat card

Baccarat will be played with four or eight decks of cards; each deck will have 52 cards with no jokers.Before the start of the game, the integrity and imperfections of the cards will be checked and spread on the table consecutively in suits.At the end of the game, the cards will be checked again, card by card, and spread out on sticks on the table.When a player has handled the cards during the shoe, all cards in that shoe will be replaced.All cards will be dealt from a shoe designed specifically for that purpose. Click here for ufabet 21.

The change and the cut

After a player has reviewed the cards, they will be shuffled face down on the table in preparation for each game. The cards will be placed together without revealing any cards.The Distributor will offer to cut by one of the seated players in a numbered place, giving priority to the first seated player and then clockwise around the table, beginning with the player seated in the highest numbered place. The player cutting the cards must place the marker card no less than ten cards from each end of the combined decks.


Minimum and maximum allowed bets will be displayed in a notice on the table. Unless stated in that notice, bets are not required to be made in multiples of the minimum.

Card value

The count value of each ace is one, the count value of each court card is ten, and other cards have count values ​​according to their markings. The hands comprise of two cards or three cards. The point of a hand will be a unique figure (from zero to nine inclusive) and will be determined by adding the counting values ​​of the cards in a hand and, as necessary, subtracting ten or multiples of ten.

Initial deal

At the beginning of the game, the shoe will be placed to the left of the Dealer and the Dealer will deal all the cards in the spaces marked as Player or Banker.The Dealer will initially deal four cards face up in the following sequence, one for the Player, one for the Banker, then one for the Player and one for the Banker. Subsequent cards if required in accordance with rule 11 will also be dealt face up. If requested by players, cards may be dealt face down and are allowed to players turn (press) the cards.