The Best Features of Mobile Slots Game

The Best Features of Mobile Slots Game

The average mobile games could not provide a wide variety of features, however ever since the video slots have been introduced, these have become the player’s favourites. The mobile video slots have numerous entertaining features and graphics that keep them entertained for a long time and ensure winning in some of the other forms. Some of the most famous casinos, such as the Jackpot Mobile Casino have a vast collection of these slotxo pc games.

Here are a few unique features that you will find in most of the mobile slots 

The Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is a special symbol that has only one job in the slot game, and that is to give out bonuses such as free spins, multipliers, coins and sometimes trigger bonus games. Even though the scatter symbols do not make paying combinations, they make the mobile slots even more entertaining.

Free Spins Bonuses

The free spins bonuses are what makes any slot game much more popular amongst the players. The higher the number of free spins in the mobile slots, the more it will be loved by the players. The free spins bonuses are either a part of the bonus games or are triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols.

243 Ways To Win

Usually, the slots have paylines. However, the 243 ways to win feature nullifies the need of the paylines and give the players a more comfortable and much better chance of winning in the slot game. So every symbol can contribute to a win only if it’s from left to right.

Wild Symbols and Their Types

The wild symbol has become a necessity in the mobile slots in today’s times. The wild symbols are used in the place of all the symbols in the slotxo pcgames except for the bonus and scatter symbols. They help the player make winning combinations.

Next unique feature available in some mobile slots is the Gamble feature. This feature is only activated when the player makes a winning combination. With the gamble feature, the player can gamble their winnings for something bigger and better.

Pick and Win Offers 

Pick, and Win is usually a part of the bonus games or the free spins rounds. In this, the player is taken to a different screen and is given some items. They need to select some, and each of these items reveals some of the other prizes. However, if the player picks up the wrong item, the game stops.


This last unique feature is the auto spins. The reels will keep spinning automatically. These are some of the exciting mobile slots features that will make the online casino experience even better for the players. Do not forget to pick trusted casinos such as the Jackpot Mobile Casino to ensure maximum safety and fun.