Which Online Casino Games Should I Play?

Which Online Casino Games Should I Play?

If you visited an online casino just recently, it’s understandable to feel somewhat scared because every person seems to understand what they’re doing while you’re overwhelmed because you haven’t played anything similar previously.

However, when you go into a legit online casino like WS88, you’ll experience no such concerns. You can choose whatever game you prefer, playing for whatever money you have – and for playing chips even, if you like so.

You will, in any case, be a newbie to the sorts of games you can join in at an online casino. Fortunately, some are simpler to understand and play than others. So, here are our main five best casino games for newbies.

Slot Games

If you’ve ever played slots before, you probably lived under a rock. Everybody knows what slot games are, thus they are the most basic betting game. Few are more engaged than some people; however, how difficult would it be to push a button?

You’ll then discover a massive scope of slot games, from steppers and standard slots to huge jackpot and video slot games. While every one of the symbols and themes is unique, many offer similar features and mechanics, such as expanding reels, tumbling reels, spins for free features, etc.

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All gamblers are familiar with the roulette wheel, yet you may be somewhat put off by the table and when or where to put down your wagers. You can place countless bets; however, if you’re searching for easy casino games, you can make your roulette truly basic.

Begin with the 50/50 wagers, so put a chip on black or red prior to the dealer declaring, “No more wagers,” as the wheel turns. With 18 black and 18 red, you possess a 50/50 likelihood of success (not including the green zero section, where all wagers lose).


Similar to roulette, you’ll probably know the fundamentals of blackjack. It would be best to reach your overall as near to 21 as you dare without a bust (ace is valued at one or 11).

It’s normal to be extremely careful when you play for the first time. However, if you use the basic blackjack method, you can increase your gain significantly.

Keep in mind that there’s always a big chance the following card will be regarded as ten because kings, queens, and jacks have that same value in this game. So then, when you get your starting hand, watch what the up card of the dealer is. If his down card is a 10, make your move thus. Accordingly, if he holds something like an 8, 9, or 10, you may determine why you need to go for a high score. Yet, in case he reveals something like a 4, 5, or 6, you can stand on basically anything since it’s presumably he will proceed to bust.

Video Poker

Before playing, you must know a bit about poker hand rankings, but don’t fret because soon you will understand it. This game is a fascinating way to pass the time because of the low house edge.

You dealt five cards and should choose how much to hold before drawing. The concept is to put together the best five-card poker hand plausible for you, with rewards beginning at jacks or better, thus the video poker game Jacks or Better.


Baccarat is one of our five best online casino games not for its simplicity to comprehend – it’s not – but due to its easy concept. There’s a difference!

For newbies, you should put your cash in one of three tiles: Banker, Player, or Tie. At that point, the dealer finishes practically everything, dealing a hand to the Banker and the Player. There is a complex technique for checking the overall and obtaining another card if necessary; however, you don’t need to stress over that since the dealer conducts everything and gives you the rewards toward the end if you win.