Assuring Safety To The Players

Assuring Safety To The Players

The South Korean Dilemma

Gambling it seems runs through the veins of South Koreans. Known for their extraordinary dedication to work and the National Emblem, South Koreans have created an oasis besides its ferocious neighbor and the monolithic empire on the other side. Its flourishing trade and industry, its brilliant business tactics and its renowned man management practices have made it the most rapidly rising small country in the world. Its industrial giants like Samsung and Hyundai have taken on the best in the world, and outshone them. At the same time its attachment to Sports has made it a world-class sporting country. It seems that even its recreational activities are taken seriously in a never ending search for excellence. But by a strange quirk of fate the same South Koreans seem to lose their mental balance completely when it comes to gambling. Gambling of course is the most ancient form of recreation and excitement known to man. Even cavemen have been known to gamble, and the marked bones found in the caverns of Al Timira bear witness to that. But gambling to South Koreans is very special, and often almost ritualistic.

Online Gambling

They seem to lose their scientific temper and detachment while gambling. But strangely enough, gambling is banned in South Korea, but the Online Gambling has been missed out. For a country that naturally loves this form of entertainment, declaring it illegal would seem to be anti people. But in reality, gambling is practiced both by amateurs and professionals widely regardless of the rules, and in general, the government machinery keeps their collective eyes shut. But that creates another problem. The thousands of sites that jam the Network have no safety coverage from the lawmakers. Online gamblers are therefore constantly in need of 안전놀이터Safety Playground. 

The Search Of Safety Sites

South Korean gamblers literally spend hours searching for online safety. Particularly, in the case of online Sports gambling which is more popular, in South Korea, than any other form of gambling, the safety norms are often missing. Beginners and amateurs regularly find their winnings have been skimmed by the sites or vanished all together. There is legal recourse for these poor players, as online gambling is not covered by any law. So the players suffer in silence. Now groups in the Toto fraternity have come together to form Syndicates to ensure a fair deal for the customers of Toto sites. Certain sites have come up which are certified as 안전놀이터– Safety Playground.  A special internal test is used for verification of Toto sites. Listed sites in the Syndicate have to pass through the internal Totosite Mite Test. These listed sites are classified as safe for betting.