Psv Eindhoven Scores Media Sponsorship Deal With Winbig7

Psv Eindhoven Scores Media Sponsorship Deal With Winbig7

Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven has announced a partnership with the online casino, Winbig7, one of Asia’s fastest-growing online betting platforms. The deal includes commercial rights and marketing activities within Europe to be implemented by the end of this year.

The sponsorship will include using all media channels, including TV, social media, and outdoor advertising, to promote the company’s site, which offers live streaming for major sporting events such as football matches, and other activities such as sports betting and live casinos, lottery, and e-sports.


This is the first time that an international football club from the Netherlands has entered into such a type of agreement with an online bookmaker.

The Media Director of  Winbig7, Kelvin Ho, had this to say about his company’s decision to sign such an important sponsorship deal, “We believe that we can help grow our brand by associating it with one of Europe’s most successful clubs.” He also revealed that the website logo will now appear on the back of every player’s jersey as well as on display around Philips Stadion during matches.

PSV’s General Manager, Toon Gerbrands, said that he is excited to bring in a partner who shares their values and vision for the future. “Winning matters to us as much as it does to our fans,” Gerbrands said in an interview. “I’m sure that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.” He also hopes that the agreement will help open doors of opportunities for European leagues that have been struggling financially recently owing to season cancellations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agreement is a step towards making sports accessible to everyone by providing access to their favourite teams through live streaming and betting opportunities for Asian and European audiences.