How to Enjoy Live Online Casino Games

How to Enjoy Live Online Casino Games

Online casinos with live dealer games are still costly for gaming companies. A simple server in a typical online casino will serve hundreds and thousands of casino players, but this is more problematic in live dealer casino games. It is why online casinos only offer their players a limited number of live dealer games. Also, the games will be the most popular. All this, of course, increases the cost of playing in a casino with live dealers many times over. And a more important question is whether games are suitable for video presentation.

Perhaps the most popular casino games are slot machines.

It is not difficult to make a video version of slots: install a camera in front of the slot machine, start the endless spins of the reels, and everything is in order. Also, online casino video slots are no different from their offline counterparts. Online casinos with live dealer games do not offer slot machines. Because of this, live casino games have not become as popular as casino developers and operators hoped.

You must choose the preferred table and dealer when playing at a live dealer casino. The merchants are usually beautiful women; however, some handsome men keep women coming back for more. The live dealer runs the game just like a land-based casino, and they are all very well trained and knowledgeable as they need to deal with many things simultaneously. If you have sound on your computer, you can hear everything in the studio, and even a live dealer wishes you luck.


Quite a different situation with one of the most famous and popular games – roulette. The nature of the game seems perfect for live dealer games. Live roulette allows you to dispel any doubts. In addition, some professional players can improve their chances by identifying a mechanical failure of the wheel, the movement of the dealer’s hand when the wheel is spinning, how the ball is thrown, etc.

Launching an online casino with live dealer roulette games is technically easy. The casino will only need one table with webcams installed. And in general, it is inconvenient for several players to play at the same table; there is nowhere to stand, and the playing area is limited. Any number of players can play live roulette.


Blackjack arguably dominates roulette a bit in terms of its popularity. When playing blackjack with a live dealer, a player can significantly increase their chances of winning with the help of card counting. In blackjack, the casino domain is much smaller than roulette, so some establishments prefer to lower it artificially.