What is HI-LO and a user guide for playing?

What is HI-LO and a user guide for playing?

ไฮโลออนไลน์ is a card drawing game in which you have to predict what the next card will be. It will be lower or higher than the card value placed on the table. If you guess right, you will win. If your guess is wrong, you will lose the bet.

The great option for casino beginners is Hi-Lo. Because of the fast-paced gameplay and decision-making component, this game is attracted by many players for its trusty service and the good experience gained from this online game. Here you don’t need to make any starting investment. You can start with zero investment and play this game.

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How to play?

The basic rules of high-low are followed in this game. The player has to place a bet on the table. Next to that, the deal will face up a card on the table. Then the player needs to guess whether the next card value to be dealt will be higher or lower than the face-up card on the table. If your guess is correct, you will win the bet and get a payout. In case your guess is wrong, your bet amount will be lost. Here, there is no pay table as this game doesn’t have a fixed payout. The amount paid after winning a bet varies depending on the base card.

The payout varies for each round. This change is due to the change in base card value. The chance of winning is higher, but the payout will be reduced. For example, if the base card value is 3, there is a higher probability of a higher number in the next round. So, the payout will be smaller. Most hi-lo games contain a house edge of 2.5%, and the odd drop is at 47.5%.

A house edge is involved in all games, as this helps to have more of an advantage than the player to the casino. The term “return to player” is a way of expressing the house edge that helps to increase the percentage of payback to players who win money in the long run. If the return to value is higher than the house edge, the profit value will increase. In ไฮโลออนไลน์ the profit value is about 96% to 98%.

You need to play carefully where Hi-Lo has used a secure set of criteria to compare and rank the players to bring you the best possible game result. These games contain high profit and other factors like bonuses, payouts, and are easy to use on mobile.